SPF is produced by a chemical reaction when two liquid components are combined, an isocyanate, known as the “A” component, and polyol resin, known as the “B” component. When the two liquids are mixed together (typically at a one-to one ratio), a chemical reaction occurs creating rigid, or semi-rigid foam. The mixed liquid starts to react in seconds, expanding 20 to 30 times its liquid state and, within minutes, it cures and solidifies to become polyurethane foam.

Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing

A Urethane roof installed by SCI is the best defense against the intense sun exposure, extreme winds, and heavy rain fall of South Florida. Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing systems are leak resistant, cool and energy efficient, and have unbeatable wind uplift value.

Application Process

The Application process begins with a thorough cleaning of the substrate by pressure cleaning to remove all mildew, dirt and debris. Once the roof is completely dry, a primer may be applied if necessary. Next, Polyurethane foam is prayed applied using a plural component sprayer. The chemical immediately expands to form a closed celled, monolithic (consisting of one piece; solid or unbroken) seal over the area. Urethane can be sprayed at varied desired thicknesses, as well as creating slopes to promote water run-off. It can also be applied over unusual shapes and protrusions. A base coat is applied, followed by a protective top coat of elastomeric coating. Small granules can be added as an extra layer of protection to the elements, as well as to protect high traffic areas.

Contractors’s Renewable Warranty

Southern Coatings Inc, will issue a contractors’s renewable warranty for 5-20 years depending on the scope and materials used for a project. Manufacturer warranties on the products and wind uplift warranties are also available. Maintenance agreements allow SCI to service and inspect the roof on an annual or biannual basis, protecting your investment by decreasing the chance of costly roof repairs. Proper maintenance of the system includes periodic cleaning and re-coating.

SPF Performance / Weather Resistant

A Urethane roof installed by SCI is the best defense against the intense sun exposure, extreme winds, and heavy rain fall of South Florida. Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing systems are leak resistant, cool and energy efficient, and have unbeatable wind uplift value.

Moisture infiltration into the building envelope is the number one cause of building deterioration. Spray Polyurethane Foam’s waterproofing ability is due to its’ closed cell structure and seamless nature of the product once applied. The foam acts as a moisture barrier and there are no seams to fail and allow water to travel. Many conventional roofing systems struggle with seams and roof joints which is the number one source of water entry. A urethane roof installed by SCI Roof provides a single seal over the entire substrate. Even if the top coat of elastomeric is damaged, the underlying foam will keep the roof from leaking. If penetration does occur all the way through the foam layers, the water infiltration will be isolated only to the area where the membrane has been penetrated. Small penetrations in foam roofing systems can be repaired easily with an elastomeric caulk, reinstating the integrity of the systems. Water ponding is often a problem with traditional roofing systems. Urethane foam can be built up with areas of greater thickness to form a slope; promoting water drainage.

The extreme heat and intense UV rays of the Florida sun is enough to deteriorate anything in its’ path. Your roof is no exception. The temperature on the roof is usually much greater due the attractive nature and color of most conventional roofing systems. This increase in temperature and exposure not only ages the traditional roof, but adds strain to the building’s cooling system. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam has an R-Value of 7 per one inch thickness, enabling it to provide more thermal resistance with less material than any other type of roofing insulation. Foam roofing installed by SCI, produces energy savings of 30% or greater when compared to the alternative roofing methods. To protect the Urethane Foam from the sun, a highly durable base coat of silicone or elastomeric coating is applied followed by a reflective top coat of elastomeric or silicone coating. The reflective properties of the coating reduce the temperature of the roof significantly. A building owner can choose to include an optional layer of granules to enhance sun protection.

The roof is the first line of defense in a hurricane and is often the first failure. If a roof fails, it is likely the structure will fail as well. The highly adhesive qualities produced by the chemical bonding of a Urethane system will add structural integrity and offer nearly two times more resistance to wind uplift. In fact, Urethane Foam roofing has the highest wind protection rating of any roofing system on the market today. SPF has received High Velocity Hurricane Zone approval from Miami Dade County Building Department. Hurricane performance of SPF roofing has been observed during the unique 2004 hurricane season. Results concluded that SPF systems performed exceptionally well under the high stress of hurricane force winds.

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