Metal Roofing

METAL roofing that was traditionally used on commercial projects is now becoming very common.   Metal could be considered one of the most durable and maintenance-free type of roof.   It also provides energy reduction benefits and will probably last longer than the time you will be living in your home.

Most Maintenance-Free Type of Roof

Metal roofs can be an excellent alternative to use in your project but be aware that they may have disadvantages too. For example, if the roof is steep that will present additional challenges during their installation. Walking on metal roofs can be really dangerous and extreme safety measures should be taken, especially if it is a structural metal deck that shows signs of deterioration.   In addition, metal roofs can be more difficult to install on projects that have a lot of equipment, vents, chimneys and skylights.

Metal Roof Systems

Architectural metal roof systems are metal roofs that are used to provide the waterproofing layer to the roof system of the structure. In addition to providing the protective waterproof layer, they provide an aesthetic appearance to the structure as well.

Structural metal roof systems are metal roofs that act as both the roof deck as well as the waterproofing layer for the building. An example of this type of roof can be found on a barn where the underside of the metal roof may be visible from the interior of the structure. Some commercial buildings also use a structural metal roof system as part of their building envelope.

Metal roofs could last more than 2 times the life of shingles and can be manufactured from steel, aluminum, or copper giving consumers multiple options.   Metal roofs require very little maintenance and can withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour, when installed correctly.  In addition, they offer fire resistant properties and will not collapse due to heavy water loads.   Metal roofs are manufactured in basically all colors and finishes, matching your architectural needs. In addition, the metal reflects the sun’s rays, which in turn reduces heat transfer to the house.

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